Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sweet little things

Photo Strips.
Excessive amounts of necklaces.
Pretty little undergarments and rainbow color make up.
Body powder after a bubbly bath.
Super tiny Candy Lands.
Windows that are better to look at than through.
Art projects.
Beach sitting.
Gay pride.
Two story out houses.
Sewing with fake eyelashes on, all good designers do it...
Failing at spelling Sex.
Climbing a mountain with Tototro.
Chinese Street art.
Interesting stairs.
Frog sitting pads.
Puppets with a star.
Cupcakes in Barbie house with working elevator at a pre-fashion show party.
Guys in white pants and a hand made Prom Dress.

Turning my friends into the Flintstones.
Wanna be Vogue Fashion shoot.

Toilet paper bee hives.
A great friends awesome back yard.

So I am Jessica Jones, I am a pretty uninteresting person, but I like to go crazy with my wardrobe I guess. I aspire to one day do nothing but travel. Just so you get a drift of who I am, here are a few of my favorite things...

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