Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Best fimls I have ever seen.

I don't know what it is about movies, but I am in love. I worked at a video store for a good portion of my adolescent life so I spent most of my time watching movies. I am the same way with songs but I could never create a top 5, 10 maybe even 100 list. So many good movies have been made since A Horse in Motion, and here are just a few...

Wallace and Gromit The Wrong Trousers
Man oh man anything Claymation is flawless in my opinion, but all of the Wallace and Gromit series is fantastic. My favorite of them all is, The Wrong Trousers, the scary overtones and great finish is inconceivable.

It Happened One Night
I fell in love with this movie when I was young. I had a huge crush on Clark Gable and watched all movies involving his being. But overall it's a feel good movie, slow moving, but very well done and pretty cute. I suggest watching when you are sick and just need to curl up in bed and watch old black and white films like this one.

This version of Alice was incredible. First off all the animals are stuffed! It's creepy dark and an interesting take on the story. I am a little bias on movies that have stop-motion and they always make my list of favorite movies, but hey it takes so much time it almost hurts to think about the hours put into it. Also it is dubbed, which doesn't take away from the film at all, just adds a layer of awesomeness.
Reservoir Dogs
Simple and yet complex. I love most all Quentin Tarantino. It was really hard to pick what one to put on this list, but it came down to Kill Bill 1 & 2 and this one, but because this one stole my heart first, I had to choose it.

Moulin Rouge
Musical adventure and the Moon sings. If you have yet to see this go do it. Now! It gets better each time. All the stringing together of all these songs and the atheistically pleasing sets and costumes is brilliant.

Cold Mountain
I was introduced to this movie by my good friend and not only is Nicole Kidman in it but it also some how manages to also fit
Jude Law and Jack White. Adorable love story very cute.

This film was a take on Allen Ginsberg's life and showing the mirror like reflection to his most famous poem Howl. I really enjoyed seeing where the director decided to take the poem. It was sweet, snappy and real.

Little Nemo
This movie I am sure I made my parents watch at lease 100 times, no lie. It's about a boys dreams that transcend reality and brings him on a great journey with his flying squirrel.
The Virgin Suicide
Beautiful soundtrack and filming. The story is insane and leaves you a bit torn and sad. Without giving anything away I will say it's great!

Pretty much the best movie ever. The story of the sweet "do-gooder" with an amazing soundtrack. Also for us English speakers is a subtitle film, but is still amazing. It's adorable and you can't go wrong with the roaming gnome.
Pan's Labyrinth
Freaky. Also a movie in subtitles because my second languages are lacking. But still an amazingly creepy movie. I picked this photo just because this is possible the creepiest part in the whole film, this creature eats children, but this movie is about a young girl going through her life in this, "labyrinth".

So many of my favorite movies involve something creepy and with this film it has it all. A big ol'creeper who wants to capture human scent and yadda yadda yadda well then the end happens and all I can say it giant orgy.

Marie Antoinette
Great Soundtrack. Great costumes. Crazy detail. Kirsten Dunst. Enough said. But I must put my two bits in about an image in the film I have yet to get out of my head. It's early and the Radio Dept. is playing and they are all in a meadow, it's early and it's simply the new moment I am striving to have.

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