Tuesday, October 19, 2010

precious things

Finally quitting my job at Walgreen's, I have had time to look back at how I spent my days when I had nothing but time. Recalling all the fun excursions across St. Paul, late nights, and dress up parties I began to really miss it and started looking through all my old photos. I have now made the decision to go back to this simple time, focus on school and friends, money I will worry about after school. :)

Breakfast at the only Mexican restaurant in China

Tubing with my best friends

Pie MakingDress up

Hand holding
Sun bathing
Interesting hands

Chilling at a friends house

Being on top of the world
Lake walking with my pops

Wondering where all the fancy buildings went
Getting checked for ticks
Camping with best guy in the world
Not actually getting our fortune read
Time spent on outfits and with friends

1 comment:

  1. you have so much fun! i'm glad i could be a part of it ;)